Wax Buffalo Candle


We realize we are "obsessed" with everything but we are REALLY obsessed with Wax Buffalo. Handcrafted and owned by women, you're going to be as obsessed as we are. 

Scent Options: 

-Red Ferne - Notes of dark amber, rum, oak moss, coriander, veltiver and anise.

(Think fall, combined with a hint of that old Hollister cologne we all used to absolutely love. )

-Blood Orange - Notes of blood orange, tangy mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, sugar, honey and bergamot.

(Think Anthropologie. Enough said.) 

-Armitage Street - Notes of earthy vanilla, blackberry, currant, musk and roasted honey. -

(Think of the most chic person you know... their house probably smells like this.) 

-Into The Woods  - Notes of cedar, sandalwood, pine, sweet grass, beet root, santal and oak sap.

(Literally think of how being in a forest smells. It's that.)