Deluxe Medium Arrangement - Florist Selection


Please Note: 

Florist Selections will vary in the color and variety, depending on our weekly inventory. While the colors and blooms may change, we guarantee a freshly curated vase of beauty.

Our medium deluxe arrangements feature 7-9 focal blooms (the star of the show), 5-7 accent flowers (the supporting roles) and some airy accent stems (the ensemble that brings it all together).

At Rose + Fern, we have a specific style of arranging. We are partial to using some show stopping players (garden roses, peonies, etc.) We love an organic, yet dazzling look featuring the very best ingredients and blooms. Because source more unique flowers, our arrangements may feel like smaller amount of blooms. We believe in quality, over quantity. While we obviously love this style, we know it might not be for everyone!