Do you deliver? 

-We do. We have two different options for delivery. Our "order delivery' tab comes through DoorDash and will be delivered within the hour. Those hours are connected to inventory that can be quickly put together or is already made. Our other available option is through our website which is usually next day delivery but includes all options and specials on our site. If you need something quickly, we will work with you as best we can and calling the shop would be the ideal avenue.

What are your hours?

-Our hours are normally 11:00-4:30 Tuesday through Friday, with pickup hours available on Saturdays. If we have a wedding, or a consultation we do close. If you're looking to place/pick up an order when you add to your cart, our availability will pop up to select a time. We'll always be here when orders are placed. If you have any other questions just give us a call! 

Can I come in and "shop" your store?

-All of our products are designed and put together fresh, so we don't have much to "shop" in person. If you're wanting to come in and look at different options we are happy to put examples together for you to come in and see before purchase, just give us a heads up and we will make it happen!

How do I customize an order?

-The best way to do this is either call our shop (435-586-5520), send us a customer request or email us at roseandfernstudio@gmail.com 

How do I book a wedding with you?

-First, send us an email or contact request of your date + location. If we have it open we will move on to either a consultation, or a pre-book invoice. If you'd like to have a consultation we do charge a $50.00 consultation fee, or if you'd like to get a pre-book invoice which is $35.00. You'll send us an itemized list of what you'll need and inspo pics, and we will create a prebook invoice for you so you can get an idea of our pricing. 

Will you order me flowers for DIY projects or events?

-Unfortunately, we don't order flowers unless we're designing them.