Prom Corsage + Bout Combo - CVHS DATE MARCH 25TH


Our modern take on a classic trend. We've ditched the ribbon and swapped it for our modern take on a dance corsage. We generally use neutrals, with pops of your preferred color. 

This is a set of BOTH Corsage + Bout, which make it easy for us to match you and your dates blooms perfectly. They will be boxed together.


AFTER YOU HAVE ADDED TO CART and are checking out, there will be a special instructions box, please include your *preferred* color scheme and if you'd like to send us a photo of the dress you can email it to

Disclaimer: We will do our best to get your preferred color in. If we do not get inventory in of your preferred color the week of your dance we will do white/neutral. If your special instructions box is empty, we will also do white/neutral.